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Marketing to Full Pay

Full-pay Marketing Training

In most areas, the full-pay pool is simply not growing fast enough. Private schools are challenged by more charter schools, lower costing private schools, homeschooling, and a myriad of online choices. Let’s not forget the non-charter public schools which, in certain areas, have a strong hold with the full-pay population. A school’s ability to present itself as a viable solution (at their higher costs) is being challenged. How can you learn to take on this challenge so that your school achieves its mission? Most training and consulting programs don’t focus on your key problem - full-pay families.

Over the last decade, Claude Anderson, a consultant and current Dean of Enrollment at Northfield Mount Hermon, has been learning the corporate ways and transforming those ideas into systems that work in private schools with a mission. He calls this strategy, The Five Pillars. It is a defined structure to use when developing your marketing plan, strategies, and campaigns for matriculating the full-pay applicant. Through the use of this proprietary marketing system, schools focus their strategy towards the needs of their full-pay families without undermining the schools’ missions. In each one of the training programs below, this methodology is used to position the practitioner to be more effective in recruiting full-pay families.

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