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Marketing to Full Pay

Is Marketing to Full-pay Families Really Necessary?

Mezhyhirya ResidenceIf you believe that educators are inspired to achieve a virtuous mission and the profit world is inspired to achieve profits, then one might be confused by the idea of private schools marketing to full-pay families, the ones who are willing to pay your school’s published tuition cost without a discount.  I do think schools can get away with not providing quite the high level of customer service of a high-end establishments, but your marketing and recruitment operations need to be closer to a business like Blake’s of Chicago, Illinois than Walmart of Rodgers, Arkansas. When our marketing plan isn’t appropriate for the full-pay family segment, we may experience an inability to convince enough of them that the education is worth the cost.  When this happens, we end up with empty seats, lower net tuition revenues, and more mission inappropriate students. So ask yourself, “Is marketing to full-pay families really necessary?”  Click below to listen to more on the topic.

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