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Marketing to Full Pay

Marketing-to-Full-pay 491 (April Session) – Five Pillars Strategy for Marketing to Full-pay Families

This two-day workshop is the flagship program of the Five Pillars Strategy.  It is designed for private school professionals who …


    This two-day workshop is the flagship program of the Five Pillars Strategy.  It is designed for private school professionals who are involved in ensuring a strong enrollment of full-pay families necessary to achieve their school’s mission.  Each participant evaluates,defines and shapes their differentiation in order to prove the value of their education.  Get the most out of your  admission events, advertisements, viewbook, videos, social media and more.  You will focus on the connection needed between your differentiation and the educational needs of the customer. Your thinking will become more customer-centric as a result of the workshop which is unusual in the private school world. Over 200 individuals have participated in this program.  References can be obtained by clicking here.

    Strategic Goals

    • Demonstrate an understanding of The Five Pillar strategy
    • Understand and identify the motivations for families giving up their free public school option
    • Identify your school’s Five Pillars Paradigm (uniqueness map) which will compel a family to enroll
    • Articulate your core strengths and beliefs in a manner that will develop future disciples.

     Tactical Goals

    • Learn to develop compelling headlines for advertisement
    • Create marketing content that draws in the customer and solves their educational problems
    • Test your differentiation against your marketing materials
    • Test your differentiation against what your competitors do
    • Create your differentiation paradigm to be used in your marketing communications.

    If you want to increase your numbers of full-pay families, this program will help you meet that goal.

    Click here to discover why this program is uniquely different from other marketing programs offered by various organizations.

    Contact Claude Anderson for question about how this program will advance your full-pay enrollment –


               2-Day Event

    Where: TBD based on participant interest

    When:  April 22 – 23, 2017


    Saturday 8:32 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

    Sunday, 8:32 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

    Cost:   1 person = 1800, 2 persons = $3000, 3 persons = $4000 (includes workbook and lunch each day)

    Class Size:  Because of the individualized content, this program is limited to 6-8 participants.

    Register and Payment:  Contact Claude Anderson:




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    • 2 days
    • 8 SEATS


    Market to Full-Pay
    One Lamplighter Way
    Box 4716
    Gill, MA 01354

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