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Marketing to Full Pay

About Marketing to Full-pay

My name is Claude Anderson, the creator of the site.   In 1995, I started my first job as a director of admission of a private school.  Although my first two seasons were successful,  I wasn’t sure that I had the right mix of marketing strategies to ensure future success in what can be an unpredictable market place.  Partly driven by fear of failure in any given year, I made it my goal to develop a marketing plan that would be dependable and give me a higher level of confidence in this uncontrollable private school environment.  It was obvious to me that the key to my success was being able to recruit enough full-pay families. Over the last two decades, I have been successfully developing my full-pay marketing strategies in real-time and sharing my ideas with others, working with over 1000 admission, marketing, communication, development professionals, as well as heads of school and trustees.  I have committed myself to bringing great training to the enrollment management profession and look forward to working with you in the future.

About Marketing to Full-Pay is designed to serve private schools in achieving their mission.   Whether one supports the idea or not, tuition charging schools cannot be success in achieving their missions without full-pay families paying for most of the costs to run their business.  I created this website to engage the people who are involved in the enrollment process and who seek dependable systems for implementing full-pay marketing strategies, plans and ideas. This segment is essential to obtaining the necessary operating revenues.  When the school’s full-pay population begins to shrink, it runs into difficulties in sustaining an excellent program and achieving its missions.

Using many different resources, I continue to analyze, compile and position information that can guide private schools on how to best implement the paradigms from the corporate world into a non-profit environment.  I also use these strategies in the field as an enrollment management professional myself, implementing all of the major portions in real-time.

In 2012, I developed the Five Pillars, a defined,effective framework for marketing to full-pay families. Collecting ideas and techniques from other private schools, colleges, and the corporate world, I developed a model that is dependable and gives the users a higher level of confidence.  This system enables the users to build a dynamic and focused marketing strategy for their use in recruiting full-pay families. gives much attention to this model and helping others to implement its ideology.’s content has a focus of teaching practitioners how to most effectively build marketing plans to recruit full-pay families.  Its major content piece, the Blog, will focus on various marketing tactics and provide ideas to advance the practitioner’s work.   I offer training in which I am committed to helping professionals learn the Five Pillars strategy, so they can better ensure that their school continues to achieve their mission. 


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